38" Electric Longboard Skateboard with Bluetooth Remote Control 400w Dual Hub Motor 25 mph Max Speed

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Brand: Elevens


  • Speed and Brake:powered by 400 watt dual hub motor,you can reach a speed of 25 mph and climbs 20-30 grade hills. With regenerative braking, you can come to a stop quickly and easily. Climb any hill. Stop any time.
  • Remote Control: from fast acceleration to quick braking, the ergonomic remote puts all the control right in the palm of your hand. The high-performance, bluetooth-enabled remote acts as a safe, secure link between you and the board.
  • Charging and Range: 36V 6600mAh powerful Lithium-ion battery,go up to 25-30 miles on a single charge,anywhere is just a short ride away. Zig zag through traffic, fly by public transit, and never wait for an Uber to arrive.
  • Plank:material used in making a longboard can change riding experience ,our plank is made of 9 Layers Canadian Hard Rock Maple, Maple longboards are sturdy and durable. This makes it suitable for rough and hard riding
  • Wheel:wheels are important in determining grip, speed, cornering ability and stability. Our high elastic PU 3.5inch wheels,provide a smoother ride and hit higher top speeds compared with smaller wheels.

Publisher: Elevens

Details: You've never really experienced true freedom unless you've traveled on your longboard to places you never thought you would.

Here are some reasons why you absolutely need a longboard in your life!
1. Liberty
Longboarding defines freedom and liberty as anyone who longboards realizes that they are in a stage of life where they can influence their decisions as they please.Longboarding also gives you freedom of transportation as you can travel just about anywhere and everywhere quickly!
2.Lower Body Strength
While longboarding works out various muscles in the body, the most significant impact is experienced in the lower body and core muscles.
3.Saves Time
Getting stuck in traffic is never really a pleasing sight, even more so when you're living in a major metropolis.Don't let the traffic and delays hinder you from getting to your points of interest in the quickest time possible.
4.Convenient Commute
You're probably thinking about how longboarding is a convenient form of commute. Well, the answer is simple - longboards are much faster than skateboards, and more durable as well.
FriendlyThink about it this way - with long boarding, you drive less, commute less, and emit lower CO2 emissions.

- Product Size: 38x9.5x6 inch
- Wheel size: 3.5 inch
- Wheel Material:high elastic PU
- Net Weight: 8kg/18lb
- Max Load: 120kg/267lb
- Peak Speed: 40km/h, 25mph
- Motor: 400 watt brushless dual hub Motor
- Charge Time: 2h, AC110-240V 2A
- Remote: bluetooth-enabled remote
1X Electric skateboard
1X Wireless Remote Controller
1x Instruct Manual
1X Maintain Tool Kit
1x Storage Bag

EAN: 6949836745652