Fantasy Flight Games of Thrones the 2nd Edition: the Red Wedding Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games of Thrones the 2nd Edition: the Red Wedding Card Game

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Brand: Fantasy Flight Games


  • The Fourth Chapter pack in the blood and gold Cycle for a game of Thrones: the card game
  • Follows the third book in a song of ice and fire, a Storm of swords
  • The new bestow keyword and new economic options make gold more important than ever
  • Introduces iconic characters and locations such as Ellaria Sand, Strong Belwas, and Walder Frey

Genre: strategy

Legal Disclaimer: A Game of Thrones: The Card Game - The Red Wedding By Fantasy Flight Games

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Publishing

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Details: Though a scheme may spend months incubating in the shadows, there is a moment of terrifying revelation when your plans come to fruition—a grand reveal that shatters your foes beyond repair. For the secret alliance of House Frey, House Bolton, and House Lannister, that moment was the Red Wedding. In a single night, House Stark suffered a devastating defeat, and though Robb Stark had won every battle, he met his demise beneath the roof of his supposed allies. With The Red Wedding Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, you'll have the chance to continue the saga of A Storm of Swords with one of the most gut-wrenching and iconic moments of the entire series. Even as you walk among the fallen and the deadly power of House Frey continues to grow, you'll also find new ways to spend and earn your gold, like the other expansions of the Blood and Gold cycle,. With iconic characters like Ellaria Sand, Strong Belwas, Othell Yarwyck, and Walder Frey entering the game for the first time, The Red Wedding brings new horrors and schemes into every game.